Why is Facebook marketing important for your business? | Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Importance of facebook marketing
Facebook is a resource and “water cooler” for everyone, and we are using it constantly. It has become an integral and ingrained part of our lives and culture. Facebook has definitely become the largest social media platform today, with more than 1.4 billion active daily users. That is why marketers cannot ignore the potential reach that social networking can give to organizations and businesses.

According to Facebook, 80 million businesses and brands have a presence on the social network. Some marketers, especially those in B2B, complain about Facebook nowadays. In a 2017 benchmark study from Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, “only 38 percent of B2B marketers named Facebook as an important channel for their content distribution success. The rest may be wise to de-emphasize Facebook, or maybe they’re just doing it wrong.”

Facebook is a marketing tool that continues to add value and with over 2.2 billion monthly user accounts worldwide, it has continued to become a growing set of platforms that congregate around every interest (business or personal). And for B2B industries, it is still very much an untapped opportunity.

Business marketers nowadays spend 74 percent more time on Facebook than other people with the engagement rate being high.


What does Facebook marketing do?

Increases brand awareness and resonance

 Facebook today allows you to segment on a mass scale according to demographics, behavior and interests. You can target your users through segmentation, targeting all age groups worldwide. Facebook updates its algorithm so that people can reach out to you and your services accurately. Your user experience is made better through Facebook marketing and ease of access and approachability as compared to other social media platforms.

facebook brand awareness

Audiences react positively to the content you post on Facebook in a meaningful way adding value to the market on the whole. Facebook is the means to an end where you can post content related to products and services and reach out to people who might be willing to engage in buying and selling. As long as it engages your audience, they will not just react (like, love, anger, wow, etc.) to it but also share it with their friends and family.


When quality content is available to share, it can increase your brand’s awareness and can strengthen brand loyalty as well as trustworthiness. In the long run, a mixture of organic and paid content can take you miles.


Generates Revenue and increases sales:

Grow Revenue Facebook


Facebook ads, when wishfully and sensibly used, can increase sales of your business since users look for Facebook ratings more than other party websites. What makes Facebook so valuable is how it can help businesses generate revenues without spending much.

A key difference between Facebook and other social media channels is that consumer retention is more on Facebook i.e. if you run a campaign and target your relevant audience (say who might have never heard of you before). They might then purchase your product or service and like your page for future notifications. This may result in them being a lifelong customer.



Connects with the target audience


Connect with your target audience - Facebook MarketingThrough social media platforms, you are able to bridge the gap between businesses and customers. With Facebook providing an easy-to-understand interface, it allows you to quickly respond back to your customer queries and problems. Credibility is hence created and strengthened through this process.

Unlike other channels, you can simply add up your customer services’ team for the specific part where they can respond to the queries without giving them admin rights to post any content on-page. This is essential for businesses where the customer service team is working in parallel with the community management team.

Facebook users are able to share images easily and they do not need to send an email to the brand separately. This is an amazing way of connecting with your audience. Moreover, Facebook has also incorporated the feature of adding a messenger bot to the business’s page which can enable you to respond even quicker.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy - Facebook Marketing

Set your goals:

What is it when you do not really have a sense of direction for doing what you do? The feeling is like being pretty lost on a disserted island with nowhere to go. Hence, whether you are new to the field of social media marketing or are looking to boost your presence in the market, you definitely need to have a few set goals in mind.

Why then is setting goals necessary?

Basically, it is like feeding your brain to do the right thing and giving it a sense of purpose. Establishing goals will help you define your marketing strategy on Facebook so that you can create content that reaches the mass audience, and of course your target customers.

Here is a list of common goals that various brands choose from:


1.     Showcase your products or services

2.     Build your community

3.     Increase awareness of your brand

4.     Showcase your company culture and values

5.     Advertise to potential customers

6.     Increase brand loyalty

7.     Share company news and updates


2. Proactive engagement with the audience

Most social media platforms are built as a means to converse, discuss various topics, and share varied content. As a successful business who aims to target customer satisfaction foremost, you should never put consumer engagement and conversation at the back burner and hope that you will still succeed. The basic idea of marketing is this only!

Your brand should focus on being the “community” instead. Through Facebook, you can hold industry group chats for your own target audience as well as other potential customers residing worldwide. Twitter usually grasps all the attention for being the social listening platform, Facebook should not be forgotten for this purpose too.

facebook usage demographic and insights

In order to drive proactive engagement, it is important to ask people to ENGAGE in the very first place. However, you cannot just sit back hoping that there would be consumer interaction. Without trying to increase engagement, you surely cannot achieve full benefits It is more or less like ‘what you sow, shall you reap”. For example, a lot of brands interact with their consumers by replying to comments on Facebook. By doing so the brands also act as a source for info for loyal customers.


2.     Retaining the existing audience

Your audience needs to be warmed up in order to:

·       Maintain their interest.
·       Educate them about the advantages of your solution.
·       Build trust with them.
·       Ready them for a sales pitch.


Engaging with users on Facebook makes a lot of sense when they already are using the platform otherwise too. Keep your brand top in line so that you can develop a nurturing relationship with your consumers too. So instead of just trying to drive traffic, brands should try to create conversations. And there have never been more readily available options for keeping your audience engaged, like:

  • Text posts and photos- the “plain old” methods of engaging
  • Recorded videos
  • Live videos- One of your best bets will be live video 20% of all Facebook videos are live, so marketers who experiment with this format have a definite advantage.
  • Facebook groups
  • Messenger bots


3.     Maximizing Engagement by Publishing:

Let us say you have your content ready to publish. What next?

Good question! Simply posting at random is not going to do you any good.

facebook global engagement statistic

Facebook posts descriptions:

Keeping a unique description for each post that you publish is immensely important. The engagement rate can be affected by even the seemingly smallest f details in your descriptions, and can hence decide whether or not your post will rank as discoverable to the audience. With 2,000+ characters to work with, you certainly have creative freedom. However, you will notice that many businesses take a “less is more” approach to their Facebook post descriptions.

No matter what you are saying or selling, make sure that you include a combination of the following in your Facebook post descriptions:

Caption Crafting settings.


  • A call-to-action (a question, “check out our bio,” etc)
  • A touch of personality (use emojis, take up a conversational tone)
  • Hashtags (including your branded hashtags, between one and five is considered optimal)
  1. Promoting your Facebook for the long-term:

promoting your facebook for long term

No matter what Facebook strategies you’re experimenting with, so much of your engagement depends on how you promote your Facebook.


Followers and customers do not show up by accident. As a result, you need to put your Facebook front-and-center across your other marketing channels. For example, make a point to prominently feature your Facebook on-site. Whether it is social buttons or a feed of your followers’ photos, customers should know that you are active on the ‘gram. Additionally, promoting your Facebook via email is a smart move. Also, adding URLs and links to your Facebook pages is an even wiser option since it grasps a stronger hold with customer engagement.



Facebook Marketing Strategy

Thinking just about how exactly the Facebook marketing strategy discussed above, can help you? Have a look at the following steps and rest assured, we have you covered:

  • Increasing the quality of sales:  Work on what you know best and use Facebook as a source to improve your reach. If you want to improve the quality of your sales, you need to target better. Using a well-devised and planned Facebook strategy can help reach the audience more efficiently. Just because the pond is bigger, does not mean you will get bigger fish.
  • Added Value? Why not?: Facebook can better nurture customers, improve awareness, and provide more resources to your audience. Make Facebook your go-to source of information.
  • Know your competitors: Tired of the competitors always being one step ahead? Using social media monitoring tools and Facebook analytics, tracking, listening, and reporting the conversations surrounding you and your competitors, becomes easier. Always try to increase your listening powers before speaking.
  • Recruit more efficiently: Social recruiting is not an easy task; it is complex yet growing in popularity likewise. The social media channels can be great sources for reaching out to talent faster and also can also help in increasing the efforts of recruitment. Working your employees’ social networks for a higher social reach makes your chances of recruiting higher quality employees better.
  • Grow smart! : Increasing acquisition, reducing churn, and limiting expenses are all parts of a successful business, but Facebook can help you in each of these areas. Whether it is through ad expenditure, increased targeting, or enhanced social selling, addressing your Facebook marketing strategy can help you get closer to these goals.
  • Tracking your progress: Of course, evaluating and making sure that you are on par with others to accomplish these goals is as important as it seems. By using tools like AdWords and  Sprout, you can easily keep tabs on all your Facebook reporting.

Facebok Reporting Statistic


  1. Users worldwide

Here are some more mind-blowing stats about the incredible scale of Facebook (from January 2020):

  • 2.5 billion monthly active users (8% growth, year-over-year)
  • 1.66 billion daily active users (9% growth, year-over-year)
  • 2.26 billion family daily active users (11% growth, year-over-year)
  • Users 65 years and older are the fastest-growing group on Facebook
  • Only 10% of Facebook users live in the US or Canada
  • 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners
  1. Building a diverse email list

Building E-mail list

Just asking people to like your page is not enough for the long-term. What if Facebook does in fact disappear one day? What if Facebook drastically reduces business capabilities on the platform?… or drastically increases ad costs? If they do, and you have not made a connection with your followers outside of Facebook, then you will be in great trouble. That is why smart businesses collect emails from Facebook fans — so they can contact their community outside of Facebook. Most businesses do this through contests, giveaways and newsletters. And it is a proven system. But you also need to be careful about how you use your leads. For example, do not hammer fans with daily emails peddling affiliate products and other junk — unless that is what they signed up for.

Email them consistently once or twice a week with helpful information that also leads them to your website — where they hopefully will become customers.

  1. Cutting down your marketing expenses

Objectives for a facebook marketer

When you start creating a Facebook page, it costs you $0. You might want to pay some artists who design your profile or some other content writers, which may or may not be compulsory for your business. Using photographs you take of your business works just fine — and in some cases, it’s better than a creative image from a designer.

Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional print, radio or TV ads — and are 1,000x more targeted. There are countless case studies of businesses using Facebook Like Ads and other ad types to drive business results.

One great example is Red Bull.

Red bull fan page


Their whole marketing strategy is impressive, and it’s no less impressive on Facebook. Their page has 40 000 000 likes (and remember, it’s a $2 energy drink, people are not on their page eagerly awaiting a discount so that they can finally afford the product). How did they get there? Thing is, Red Bull isn’t a company selling energy drinks – it’s a publishing house. They are what everyone is wishing to become. Red Bull creates content and makes people associate this content with their brand – much like Biltwell does. But while accessories for motorcycles have a lot to do with, well, motorcycles and the life they promise, Red Bull has not that much to do with sports. Let’s face it: people either drink it in the university libraries to keep studying, or mix it with vodka on parties, or drink it not to fall asleep while driving after a hard day. So that’s real Red Bull’s target audience. But who are they? Students and active young adults. And what do they want to see on Facebook? Epic, exciting things. So on Red Bull’s Facebook you won’t see promotions, free cans, ads, or indeed anything that hints that you should go out there and buy some Red Bull. You’ll see photos, videos, and stories of people mountain biking, bungee-jumping, skiing, and outrunning.

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